Breaking Leopard Print Rules

“If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun.” ~ Katherine Hepburn

The dreaded day after Labor Day and the decision on whether or not to break the fashion rules.

I really thought about it, but I didn’t feel white today. Instead, I threw on this beautiful abstract silk v-neck wrap top by Tanya Taylor and paired it with dark indigo jeans by Laurie Felt.

I experimented with mixed prints by pairing this outfit with one of my all-time favorite bags ~ a part leopard hide with blue saddle leather clutch by Diane Von Furstenberg. I adore the mixed media and unexpected color with the leopard print.

I’m not a conformist to the rules, but I plan to shake things up with leopard print this Fall. There was a time when one wouldn’t dare wear more than one leopard print at the same time. If I ever spotted (ha ha) someone wearing a leopard print dress along with accessories at the same time, we’ll let’s just say ‘bless her heart’!

These leopard print pants from Chico’s Travelers’ line are the most comfortable pants I’ve worn in a long time. No iron, no fuss! Paired with a beautiful red Christian Sirano summer top, but I’ll also grab a red turtleneck or long sleeve t shirt too. They’ll look great with just about anything since animal print is a fashion neutral.

This year, I suspect someone may be saying that about me. I found inspiration in the August and September fashion magazine issues. For example, Elle gave a lesson on how to incorporate leopard into your wardrobe, no matter your experience level (see here ).

I plan to treat leopard print as the new neutral, add unexpected color, mix leopard patterns, and even mix animal prints. You’ll find me sporting Sweaters, coats, pants, skirts and dresses, along with super fun accessories, including shoes.