“When shifts and transitions in life shake you to the core, see that as a sign of greatness that’s about to occur.”

Facing the pending shift in seasons, I’m looking at some of my cherished summer pieces that would work into Fall looks.

So, these sateen ikat bright and colorful print crop pants from Chicos were one of my favorite pants this summer. They’re soft, comfortable, cute and versatile. I wore them with ivory, orange, blue and denim tops. The thought of putting them aside until next spring makes me sad, so I searched my closet to see what I could do to help them hang around a little longer.

Then, I remembered a look that captivated me back in February. I participated in the annual Off The Field Players’ Wives Association Annual Fashion Show that was held at the Galleria in Edina, Minnesota the Friday before the big Super Bowl 52 Football Game. (I’ll show you my look on another post). Our outfits were well appointed by Minneapolis’ style guru Grant Whittaker, who showcased merchandise from the local merchants.  They were fun, authentic and fabulous.

One of the models had on a casual ensemble that really spoke to me. Grant adorned her in blue and ivory paisley print pants, orange pullover top and tan jacket. He paired the outfit with an oversized colorful print bag and nude sandals. With all the hob knobbing going on that day, I made the cardinal error by not asking where the outfit could be purchased. I thought, oh that should be simple enough to put together.

Already equipped with the tan jacket and pullover orange top, I searched hi and low for blue and ivory paisley print pants (or something in the ballpark) to no avail. I ran across these crops from Chicos, and while not quite what I was looking for, they can certainly bring together a similar look.

So, my takeaways are to look around to get inspiration from the fashion pros. They know what they’re doing and they’re giving us the ‘blueprint’ to recreate it ourselves.

. . . . . and, here’s my Fall transitional look utilizing my fave pants. What do you think?

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