At the end of some days, you just know that it will be enshrined in your heart forever and Saturday was one of those days for me.

I’m glad I was wearing this unforgettable black jersey knit shoulder-baring top by with cascading ruffles and bell sleeves by Rachel Roy. I chose to wear it loose over one of my favorites, a pair of the popular Kady Fit yellow pants by Eloquii. The Striped Irene Tote by CleoBella with leather construction and colorful tassels highlight this bag which is perfect for day with Mom.

When Mom turned 84 this week, I knew it was the perfect time to get her in a spa chair for an invigorating facial treatment. Mom’s a creature of habit and it’s hard to break 84 years of putting oneself last. For as long as I can remember, Mom got great joy of seeing others happy.


She’s a woman of faith, class, dignity and integrity. She raised 2 of us, but had to pick up the pieces solo when my Dad passed away unexpectedly. My younger brother was just 15. She dedicated most of my youth to being a mentor in the community to many who needed extra love due to a missing parent. Everyone called her “Aunt” and we had that house where everyone wanted to hang out. Of my real cousins, you guessed it, she’s the favorite Auntie.

She’s my muse. My Real Style Icon. When my grandmother treated me like a Princess, Mom went along with it. She had such an influence on me, that yes, I eventually became my mother. Well, not quite, but you know what I mean. I sound like her, etc.

Anyway, I could never seem to get Mom to totally embrace self-love. Mom, let’s take a vacation. Mom, let’s go to the movies. Mom, let’s go to the game. All of these things she loved, but she always said no. Sure, age has caught up to her, but she’s as spry as they come. So, when she turned 84 this past week, we did our usual out to lunch to get fried shrimp. She was elated. You see, I am banned from anymore surprise birthday parties for her (which she thoroughly enjoyed and still talks about them to this day).




So, with the help of my dear friends at the Clarins Spa in King of Prussia, PA we plotted to get Mom in the store for an afternoon of pampering. SHE LOVED IT! A relaxing facial, hand treatment, other beauty services and a makeover. Did I say SHE LOVED IT? The Clarins Pros were awesome. So, if you’re in our area, may I suggest you head over if you need self-love or if you want to make someone feel special. Ask for Shanna, the Store Manager. Clarins has spas throughout the world, but the only location in the United States is in King of Prussia.


We topped off the afternoon with a surprise lunch with friends and more fried shrimp.

It was a Great Day!

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