My Aunt would often tell me, “You can’t be on every train leaving the station!”

But, if I had to get on the next one, I would throw on and go with this Red and White Stripe Blazer from Badgley Mischka. I paired it with 24/7 Stretch White Boot Cut Jeans by Isaac Mizrahi and a classic White T-shirt from Talbots. I added a Navy and White Tote with a perfect Red Stripe from Tory Burch and I’m off!

My Aunt was looking out for me. I didn’t heed her advice in those days. In my 30s and 40s, I did my best to be all things to all people. Good wifey, mommy, career woman, friend, volunteer, hostess, caregiver, etc etc etc. I was last, meaning my needs were never attended to. I ignored my physician’s recommendation to slow down. It all fell apart when I turned 50. God grabbed my attention. My body said enough!

I still hear Auntie’s advice over and over now that I’m in my 50s. By the way, have you noticed that once the kids are grown and you may have pulled back from your career, everyone assumes you have more time to give. All of a sudden, they’re subconsciously planning your time. Well, when I realized I was falling back in the same old habits, I caught myself and I learned to say, ‘I’ll catch a different train’.

I have a clear understanding of my priorities, leading with self-love. I literally sat down and made a list of what I needed. Had I not assessed what I needed, I would still find myself getting on and off all those trains.

So, when the week starts, before anything gets on my calendar, I make sure I’ve scheduled time for me. All else works around my priorities. This past week really tested my philosophy. It was the week from back to back to back unexpected challenges. For the most part (I missed one appointment), I maintained my wellness commitments through the madness.

Stay focused on you and have an awesome weekend!

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