“I’ve learned to have absolutely no regrets over any jokes I’ve ever done.” Joan Rivers

Joan was one of the good ones. She laughed at life and looked good while doing so.

Getting older has so many wonderful benefits. One is being free to wear whatever you feel like and this outfit makes me feel great! This Navy and White Tanya Taylor Ikat Aida Top is unique with gorgeous balloon sleeves, it has slimming angles with a peplum hem, and it shows a little shoulder. It’s super chic, cute and flattering with jeans and I chose an amazing pair of silky dark denim boot-cuts by Designer Laurie Felt that I grabbed off QVC.  I extended my casual look with a dapper Navy and White Tote from Tory Burch because it has the perfect pop of red.

So, let me list why life gets better after 50! Well, really after age 58 . . .

  1. I know who my real friends are.
  2. I truly don’t care if you don’t like what I’m wearing, thinking, or doing.
  3. I’ve learned that my legacy is important to me.
  4. It’s no longer important to be ahead of the driver in front of me, and other road rage causes that used to piss me off
  5. I know that judging people is really not worth my time.
  6. I realize almost anything can be negotiated except my faith, dignity and self-worth.
  7. I know that ‘No’ is ok to say.
  8. I know that ‘Yes’ is ok to say.
  9. I know when a no reaction is ok too.
  10. I follow most rules, but I know some are made to be broken.

I’m no longer in mid-life crisis. I survived and life’s bright on the other side.

The rest of this article is dedicated to the Timeless Female Warriors who prove that age is only a number and who embrace getting older with zest. Here’s a few of my favorite old-school superstars who are still kicking it! (in alphabetical order):

Julie Andrews

Carol Burnett

Diahann Carroll

Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Rita Moreno

Yoko Ono

Ernestine Shepherd

Suzanne Somers

Tina Turner

Cicely Tyson

Betty White

Nancy Wilson

Who would you add to this list?




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