B6ACBBFE-8D92-41D8-B232-BD4103AAE751Walking out of this week feeling grateful! . . . and, I’m weekend ready in a Tropical Print  JUNAROSE Cold Shoulder Top paired with Dark Denim Lysee Pnts, Dark Peach Patent Leather Pumps by Coach, and a Rebecca Mindoff Peach Leather Tote.

One Fall Saturday about 15 years ago, after an exhausting week at work, I woke early to prepare sliced navel oranges and frozen seedless grapes for half-time team snacks. Then, with several MapQuest directions in hand and two uniform changes in the trunk of our White Dodge Minivan, I waited for my 10-year old son to jump in carrying his football pads, helmet and cleats. I had a 30 mile drive and hoped to arrive an hour early for the 100-pounders Little League Football game at 11am. Two hours later, we won! Immediately following the coach’s post game wrap up with the kids, we hauled tail to the van. There was just enough time for my son to get out of all of his football gear to change into his uniform for an AAU Baseball game about 20 miles away. Two hours later, again, we won! Then, jumping back into the van, and changing uniforms for a Fall Ball Little League Baseball game located another 20 miles away. When we arrived, the game was already underway, and it was just in time for my son to be put in to the lineup as a pinch runner at second base.

That was just one example of my weekends back then. I was not a full-blown helicopter mom, nor did I encourage him to commit to 3 teams during one season. He absolutely loved sports and we allowed as long as he kept his promise to maintain his grades. I was there to support his activities. Looking back, I loved the games, the comradery and his enjoyment.

Life was always scheduled. The work week. The weekend. The holidays. The vacations. The schedule gave me purpose. I felt needed. People depended on me. But, truth be told, I was stressed by the juggle. I was fearful that I would disappoint someone. The reality is that, I usually came through with flying colors and to this day I’m still calculating the cost I paid.

Then suddenly about 8 years later, without planning, I didn’t have a schedule. Almost simultaneously, my corporate career and my Mom duties came to a screeching halt. But, everyone else’s schedules continued. I just was not part of their plans. It felt like the death of a loved one.

The authority of all things slang, Urban Dictionary, describes ‘Bad Ass’ as “a general term used to describe behavior that is fearless, authentic, compassionate and ethical.”

It takes a real ‘Bad Ass’ to confidently restructure their life at a time when it feels like you’re being put on a shelf. I know my story isn’t that unusual, everyone experiences change. I just admire those Bad Asses who’ve had to accept, pick up and redirect.  And, they’re kicking butt while doing it! You go girl.

I’m a work in progress.

Oh yeah, we won that third game too!

Do You Identify as a BadAss?


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