I Love Philly! . . .And, this is my favorite view in the city. . .  On South Broad Street looking North to City Hall.

Any style is welcomed in ‘The City of Brotherly Love’ (and Sisterly Affection) and on this day, I chose to wear a distinctive red, white and navy pairing of gingham and stripes in honor of our rich patriotic history. Designers Badgley Mischka knocked it out of the park with this fit and flare design and three-quarter sleeves with ruffled cuffs.


The Philadelphia area attracted a record 42 million visitors in 2017 and City Hall is a popular tourist attraction where you can admire its ornately decorated art and interior, learn about its building history, and see breathtaking views on the observation deck located underneath the statue of William Penn. This architectural treasure is the largest municipal building in the United States. It even sports an ice skating rink during the winter. Philly is a passionate town with loads of personality. I’ve learned to appreciate my hometown as I’ve gotten older.

When I married in the late 1980’s, my husband and I settled in the Atlanta, Georgia area. There were many factors that drove me back to Philly 8 years later with 2 young sons in tow, so this is their hometown too. Now that we’re older, we often ponder where to spend this next phase of our lives.

According to American Association of Retired Persons (AARP), the vast majority of new retirees plan to stay in their own homes, but when life circumstances change, relocation tends to improve your psychological well-being. There are many factors to consider: family, health, home maintenance, finances, and so on.

Personally, I have thoughts of relocating to sunnier skies on some days and others I think I could never leave the area that I love so much. God has blessed us with our 83-year old Mother who still lives here and is independent and relatively healthy.  I would never want to leave her here without her joining us. But, who says she would want to go? Somehow, I thought in getting older, these life decisions would be easier. Not sure what I was thinking!

So, what are your thoughts on relocation? Did you (or will you) decide to stay put or did you explore new living opportunities?


Photo Credit: Tony Trott Photography

Philadelphia City Hall: Photofy Stock Photos

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